Honda Check Engine Light Reset?


A check engine light on a Honda needs to be reset with an engine diagnostic tool, or code reader. Plug the tool in the reader port. After the initial scan you will be given several options. One option will be to erase the codes which will shut off the light. You can also disconnect the battery and leave it unconnected for five minutes. This will completely reset the engine memory.
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1. Turn the ignition switch to the "Off" position. Locate the diagnostic port under the dash and plug the scan tool’s diagnostic connector into it. The diagnostic
disconnect both battery cables and hold them together for 10 mins or go to any autoparts store and they should be able to do it for you for free unless they tell you they cant or
1. Connect the scanner to the on-board diagnostic connector (OBD-II) under your steering column. Turn your ignition switch to "On. Ad. 2. Press the "Read" button on
1. Open the fuse panel on your F-150 by pulling down on the fuse cover located under the steering column in the driver's side foot well. 2. Locate the fuse for the electronic control
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