How to Change the Oil in a Honda CRF 70?


Honda CRF 70 is a motorcycle with a semi automatic engine. Its oil can be changed by taking it to a short ride and then letting it cool off, then unscrew the oil cap and the drain plug, allow the oil to drain out and clean the drain plug. Secondly unscrew the bolts and clean the oil screen, then pour enough oil and close the oil cap. Thirdly start the motorcycle for a few minutes then stop, finally insert the dipstick to confirm the oil reading if it's below the maximum point it's good to go.
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1. Set the bike upright on the bike stand to make it easier to work on. Use the screwdriver to remove the lefthand plastic shrouds on the bike. Use the socket set to remove the mounting
here the clearance specs: Wheelbase 42.0 inches Seat Height 26.1 inches Ground Clearance 7.0 inches.
The Honda CRF 70 front tire uses an inner tube of 2.50 inches x 14 inches. The
I don't reckon you would get more than around 40 miles an hour out of one of those
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