Honda Ht3813?


The Honda HT3813 is a lawn tractor produced by Honda. It features a 358cc two cylinder 13hp liquid cooled engine. These lawn tractors were only produced until 1989, when they were replaced by better technology. They came standard with a 38 inch mid-mount mower deck. This type of lawn tractor was made for large yards that a normal push mower just could not handle. The mowers took gasoline, just like a smaller gas mower. The transmission was a five gear and reverse system.
Q&A Related to "Honda Ht3813?"
If the engine fails to start, check to make sure there is fuel in the tank and check the oil. Put the shift lever in gear and disengage the PTO lever. Check the spark plug and replace
Hi Mickey, If you can get a wrench on the bolt and pull the starter away while turning the bolt, you might be able to leave the bolt where it is without removing the flywheel. Another
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No matter how well you maintain your riding lawn tractor, there are times when the timing belt needs to be changed. If the timing belt is worn or breaks, it can cause major problems
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