Honda Lawn Mower Problems?


If one is experiencing lawn mower problems, it is best to look through the manual to ensure that the problem can be fixed. Cut off the power supply to the mower and make sure there are not cut wires.
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If the engine is not working as efficiently as it should for your Honda lawn mower, try replacing the fuel with new, clean fuel. If the engine will not start, be sure that the spark plug is fully plugged in, you are using the proper fuel, or it may be an electrical problem. If the engine is hard to start, make sure the carburetor is adjusted properly and clean, the fuel filter is clean, the choke is adjusted properly, the spark plug is working, and you are using the proper fuel. For more troubleshooting help, refer to your Honda lawn mower's manual or see a repair specialist if you continue to have problems.
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1. Put on pair of leather work gloves to protect your hands. Raise one side of the Honda mower and position a wooden block to hold it up off the ground. Inspect the Honda mower blade
New Honda lawn mowers can be purchased directly from the Honda website, this option offers the full range of both petrol and electric mowers, and provides the most comprehensive customer
A Lawn-Boy 10796 Insight Platinum Series 21-Inch Honda GC160 5 HP is listed at the price
check the mechanism first before changing the gearbox its possible that the cable might jump out from the pulley or the cable is worn out or its possible that the gear on the tire
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