How to Repair a Honda Speedometer?


To repair a Honda speedometer one has to unscrew the dash bezel from the dashboard so as to remove the clips. You can also remove the wiring cluster from the dashboard using quarter inch racket sockets by plugging the stock harness into the replacement cluster. This will have the dash bezel installed and Honda Speedometer will be repaired.
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1. Park your Honda bike on the center stand. Insert your ignition key into the seat lock and turn it to the right. Pull the seat toward the back of the bike and remove it. 2. Take
Check, your speed sensor, its all i had to replace on mine, you'll need to remove the air intake, to have access to the sensor, and you will need a small 10mm socket and ratchet to
The speedometer is behind the steering wheel under the dash
a dealer won't have the parts, you need to find a place that deals with old gold wing parts.….
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