Honeywell Rth230b Thermostat Owner Manual?


To program a honeywell RTH230b thermostat, start with setting the time and day. Secondly, modify the energy-savings schedule if necessary. Next, choose the program's days with the button marked 'Day'. You need also to select the mode to heat and mode to cool. Lastly, press 'P#' and follow the same procedure for the remaining three periods.
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1. Set the time and day. Press the button labeled "Clk" and the hour will flash. Use the up and down arrow buttons to change the hour. Press "Clk" again and the
Here yeah go.
Here you go , its the installation manual , the site should also have the operators. manual. =69-1800.pdf.
Usually a solid flame means it is in the heat mode. A blinking flame usually means the thermostat is telling the furnace to kick on. For more info, check out the thermostat page at
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