How do I hook up an 8 mm camcorder to a computer?


Hook up camcorder to computer means making an angle to a computer using the camcorder device. To hook up an 8mm type of camcorder to a computer, connect all cables to an AV output jacks. Put the yellow plug into computer's video. Attach white and red ones on the Y adapter and finally, connect the USB to its port which is on the PC.
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1. Connect the yellow, red and white cables on one end of the AV cables to the color-coded AV output jacks on the camcorder, typically located on the back edge or side. If the camcorder
1 Place all of your equipment where you want it. Before you start plugging things in, you’ll make your life a little easier by placing your peripherals where you want them and
You've got an analogue camcorder, so you'll need something to convert the output to a digital signal. Some modern camcorders have a "pass-though" facility so you can plug
1. Connect the HD tuner card to one of the USB ports on the Gateway computer. 2. Insert the driver installation CD into the CD/DVD drive of the Gateway computer, then follow the prompts
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