How to Wire a Horn Relay?


A horn relay wiring diagram is important when you want to wire a horn relay due to replacement. Every make and model vehicle has a different horn relay wiring diagram that must be used for these purposes. You can often find horn relay wiring diagrams in your vehicle's owner's manual or in repair manuals that are available in your local library. A horn relay wiring diagram for a specific make and model vehicle can also be obtained through a simple online search.
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1. Locate the original horn and disconnect the wire to it. With the vehicle key in the on position, depress the horn button and check for 12 volt power in the wire with a test light
Using a Relay to Flash Your Car's Lights. Step1. Read instructions that come with the alarm and relay. Step2. Apply constant 12 volts to poles 85 and 87. Step3. Put the lead from
the relay is listed in the owners manual under fuses that tells you where your relay is your horn should be some where behind yopur front bumper
For a 1984 olds cutlass ciera
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