Horse Statue Meaning of Legs Raised?


There are many beliefs regarding horse statue memorials and the meaning of raised legs. It is thought that a rearing horse that has both legs elevated indicates the rider died in battle. If only one leg is raised, the rider supposedly died later as a result of some type of wound.
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It is a common misconception that the position of the horse's legs in a military hero's statue signifies how the rider died; i.e. both legs raised means that the rider was killed
One foot raised means the
kgb: Both horse legs in the air, the person was killed in battle, 1 leg up, the person died later of war wounds, all legs are on the ground natural causes.
I have always understood that the pose of a horse in a heroic statue indicated how the rider died. Getty Images. No, says Robert Wilde, Guide to. European History. Raised
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