Horses Mounting Women?


There are a number of different pornographic films that show horses mounting women. This type of pornographic feature is classified as bestiality since it involves sexual intercourse between a human and an animal.
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Although I am sure it is possible to get a horse to mount you it is not advisable. Not only is bestiality illegal just about everywhere in the world but it is also considered cruelty
BEFORE MOUNTING: See that the girths are secure, the stirrup-irons "down", the stirrup leathers approximately the correct length and the saddle flaps lying smoothly. TO
1 Move your horse into position. Walk your horse out to a level area for mounting. Make sure they aren’t cramped, as horses can get claustrophobic easily, making mounting more
Anyone who wants to ride a horse.
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Mounting your horse should be done properly to keep you and your horse safe. An improper mount can cause your horse to become spooked and buck you off. Here ...
How you mount something would depend on what you are mounting. I mount my horse by standing on the left side of the horse and placing my left foot into the stirrup ...
The connection that is developed between a woman and her horse is thought to spiritual by some. There are many paintings and pictures that depict the close bond ...
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