Horseshoe Nail Cross?


To make a horseshoe cross necklace you need a few things. You need horseshoe nails, wire and pliers. The nails are bent at the ends and then wrapped with the wire to hold them together.
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1. Use a ruler or measuring tape and a black permanent marker to mark three new horseshoe nails 1 inch from the nail head. Mark the fourth nail 1.25 inches from the nail head. 2.
Contact your local farrier, either through your barn or try the yellow pages/internet.
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There are generally six to eight spaces for nails in a standard
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How to Make a Horseshoe Nail Cross
Whether your target clientele as a jewelry maker or metal artist is the country/western, rodeo, biker or punk crowd, horseshoe nail crosses are a staple item and a regular seller. These crosses can be made into pendants or earrings. They make excellent... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
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