Hostess Gift Giving Etiquette?


When you are invited to a dinner party the proper thing to do is to bring a gift to the hostess. Your gift is a way of saying thank you for inviting me. The gift you give should be appropriate for the party. If it is a casual affair then you could give a fun party game. Other gifts that are common include wine, decorative gifts for the next gathering or a book. You can get creative when you know the host personally. It is definitely fine to give a personal gift as long as it will not embarrass the host.
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Hostess Gift Giving Etiquette
A gift to your new neighbor who has invited you to his housewarming party shows that you appreciate him including you and the trouble he's gone to with the food and hospitality. The goodwill gesture can help strengthen your relationship with the host or... More »
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1. Sparkler Rods. Like the handheld sparklers we wave around at celebrations, these tall rod versions are beautiful when placed throughout the yard for a party. 2. Brightly Colored
It is always in good taste to bring your hostess a gift. Many bring things like wine, or food, but then expect that the hostess will serve it. That is in bad taste. A gift is a gift
1. Keep a stash. For last minute invite, keep a small stash of scented candles, stationery, napkins or fancy chocolates at hand. 2. Make the gift an appropriate one. Rather than give
That's a great story from Anon User. There are a couple other considerations in my view: 1. Nobody should be giving any colleague a present that looks like it encumbers them with
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Good etiquette for giving a hostess gift is to give something that doesn't have to be dealt with right away. Flowers are not a good choice unless you bring them ...
When you are going to an event hosted at someone's home the proper thing to do is to bring a gift. There are certain types of gifts that are acceptable to give ...
Gift giving etiquette just says to give a gift if you receive a gift. At work, this can get tricky since you may have lots of co-workers and this will get expensive ...
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