How do you decorate a dining room in zebra stripes and the color hot pink?


According to HGTV, eye catching designs and bold colors, such as zebra stripe and hot pink, can be used to decorate a dining room by choosing accessories in those colors and patterns. Accessories to choose from includes chair cushions, throw rugs, tablecloths, napkins and framed images.

HGTV recommends using one accessory, such as a large rug, to add style to the dining room while staying on budget and maintaining the overall theme of the home. According to Country Living, zebra stripe and hot pink can be integrated into any theme. For instance, adding a zebra rug, black napkins and hot pink napkin rings enhances the theme of a rustic dining room.

Painting walls hot pink and decorating with vinyl zebra-striped decals is also an option. Vinyl decals are often used as accent pieces, such as border along the top of the wall, and are inexpensive and easy to remove. For a more permanent theme, paint the walls in a zebra-stripe pattern using painter's tape to create the design. It may be helpful to mark which areas should be painted black beforehand.

Paint the design using black and white interior paint, then add hot pink accents in random areas to highlight the design. A zebra-striped wall can be accented with hot pink accessories. For instance, hot pink dining room chair cushions or hot pink flowers can be added to bring the theme of the room together. HGTV recommends painting just one wall in the room to prevent bolder colors and patterns from overwhelming other features.

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