Hot Water Baseboard Air Bleeding?


Hot water baseboards are traditional cast iron radiators that are no longer common in the new constructions; they are mostly replaced with forced hot water baseboard style radiators. In order to function properly, the hot water baseboards need to be turned on air bleeding so that all the air gets out of the radiator and can then be filled with hot water.
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1. Remove the outer cover from the baseboard heating unit, if one is present. The cover usually pulls off by hand and requires no tools. 2. Locate the bleeder valve, which is usually
the installer should have installed an air bleed at the baseboard heater, if one was not put on it at the factory. usually looks like a screw in the incoming or leaving water line
Since it's too cold outside to wait for the water to get cool enough, you'll have to do it when the boiler isn't heating up the water even thou it's not much of a difference. Some
Check the end elbows of your baseboard radiator. Not all will have bleed nipples. If you have bleed nipples you will see a brass fitting looking a bit like a bolt with a screw in
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To bleed air from a hot water baseboard, first turn the boiler off. Check if the self-feeding water valve is connected to the boiler. Then open all the valves that lead to the heating zones in the home. And finally, drain the water into a bucket.
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