How do you make a cleaning checklist for a housekeeper?


It is simple to make a cleaning checklist. To make a cleaning checklist for a housekeeper, first start out by brainstorming all the different tasks you would like your housekeeper to do. It may help to organize the list in some way, or by ranking the tasks in terms of priority, location or time. 
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1. Open Microsoft Word by double clicking on the icon located on the computer's desktop. Select the Home tab and type the name of your checklist. For example; Housekeeper's Checklist
A housekeeping department is required for keeping an establishment clean. They are responsible for housekeeping staff who perform a variety of duties including turning around hotel
At an economy or mid-market tier hotel in this part of the country, anything they get. You have a few nice guests who still do it, but it's becoming a lost art. The select-service
Use the following checklist as a general workplace guide. Floors and Other Areas Are floors clean and clear of waste? Are signs posted to warn of wet floors? Are floors in good condition
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Hotel Housekeeping Checklist
Housekeepers have one of the most important roles in a hotel---making sure the establishment looks clean and is sanitary. One of the main duties of a housekeeper is making sure each hotel room has enough hygiene products, stationery, clean drink ware and... More »
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