Hottest Country in Africa?


Currently, the hottest country in the world is considered to be Ethiopia. The average recorded temperature in Ethiopia has been around 34.4° Celsius (or 94° Fahrenheit).
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There are fifty six countries in Africa. The countries are divided into four regions. The regions are Eastern, Central, Northern and Southern Africa. Chad and Sudan are two countries
Probably a country that is right at the Equator. According to a site I found, the hottest country in the world is Libya (that is in Africa) Source(s)
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The hottest country is known to be Libya. The country has recorded a record 57.8 degrees Celsius temperature. Since Libya lies on the Earth's equator, it sometimes ...
The hottest temperature ever recorded on earth is 57.8 degrees Celsius in Libya. It is a country in North Africa bordering Egypt to the east and happens to be ...
Libya is the hottest country in the world, as its temperature constantly fluctuates. The hottest recorded temperature on the Earth has been in the country of Libya ...
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