House Sitting Rates?


A house sitter is a person who occupies the home to care for it while also ensuring the safety of the home. House sitting rates vary depending on the person and if they are new to the field or if they are more experienced. It also varies depending on what extras the house sitter will have to take of in the home such as taking care of or walking pets and taking care of the yard and doing yard work. Pay can range from $20 to $70 a night.
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Depends on who your sitting for and how long. In Louisiana most people charge about 15 dollars a night. It just depends, ask the owner what he will offer first.
1. Get a house key and the homeowners' itinerary. You will need to know how to reach them at each place they will be while traveling. Don't accept a cell phone number only, because
The typical rate for house sitting $15-25 per day. If other duties such
1. Find out the details of their trip. Make sure you know what day and time they are leaving, and what day and time they plan to return. Most importantly, find out what tasks they
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