What are good household chores for teenagers?


Household chores are generally thought of as anything that is done to keep a household running in a clean and orderly fashion. Chores are often given to children and teenagers to help teach them responsibility. Chores are also done by teenagers and children as a way to earn money, which is often referred to as an allowance. Some common household chores that are done by teenagers are washing dishes, cleaning the garage or attic, mowing the lawn, and other general cleaning around a home.
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1. Make high-traffic rooms a priority. The kitchen and bathroom tend to become dirty quickly, as they are frequently used, and, therefore, require more attention than other areas.
1 See what needs to be done. Some normal chores are "make the beds, clean the rooms, feed the pets..." Stuff like that. These chores are normal chores, but something else
Some that I can think off the top of my head: 1) Wash pots, pans and dishes 2)Vaccum the house 3)Take out trash.
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