How do you split household expenses?


Household expenses should be split in a way that is agreed upon by everyone in the household. For some people, splitting the bills evenly is preferred, while others prefer to calculate payments based on usage.
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1. Make a list of all the bills that you will split. These should consist of the bills for products and services you both consume, such as rent or mortgage, utilities, groceries and
Let's face it, times are tough right now. Really tough. It's more important than ever to watch every dollar (and penny) that you spend so you either have additional money to put towards
Information about average American spending is available at the site down below which is the Consumer Expenditure Survey data published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This should
The most expensive household items vary by household. Billionaires have
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The reason people have so much trouble handling household expenses is because they have no idea what their household expenses are. Few people actually sit down and record everything that they take in and pay out within a month so they can manage their... More »
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