Household Ionic Compounds?


An ionic compound is a chemical compound where ions are held together by ionic bonds. Household ionic compounds are commonly used in chemistry, physics, and chemical engineering. Ionic compounds are found everywhere. You can find them in the home by reading labels and finding sodium and potassium compounds in the ingredients. Some examples for household ionic compounds include citric acid and orange juice, acetic acid and vinegar, sodium fluoride and toothpaste, and sulfuric acid and battery acid.
Q&A Related to "Household Ionic Compounds?"
Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is a common household ionic
1. Determine if the cation has only one possible charge by looking at the periodic table. If so, the cation name is simply the name of the compound. For example: NaCl is sodium chloride
1 Write down the formula of the ionic compound. Let's say the ionic compound you're working with is NaCl. [1] Ad 2 Write the name of the metal. Na is sodium. So, write Sodium. 3 Write
NaOH is actually drain opener. NaCLO is bleach. NaCl is table salt.
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