Household Poisons?


Many people do not realize how many poisons they have in their household. Even the most common household items can be fatal. Some household poisons include detergents, automatic dishwashing detergents, furniture polish, mothballs, and rat poison. Some of the more dangerous household items include antifreeze, drain cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners, insecticides, and medication. They are deadly if consumed, which is why it is always important to keep these type of items out of children's reach.
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1 Switch to less dangerous cleaning chemicals if you can, or try to limit the ones that you use. Ad
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Lethal household poisons are deadly poisons that be cooked in the kitchen. Example are the nicotine poison, bourgass recipe, which is flavourless and unscented ...
Some deadly household poisons are air fresheners, phenol, ammonia, carbon monoxide, bleach, carpet shampoo, ammonium hydroxide, hydrochloric acid,lye, drain cleaner ...
Common household poisons may be things that a person is well aware of while some will be less obvious. Cleaning chemical such as Lysol or Windex are clearly poisonous ...
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