How does a barometer work?


Barometers show what the pressure of the air is. They are a long tube that sits in a pool of mercury. The levels of the mercury in the tube adjust based on the air pressure.
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Inside an aneroid barometer is a small capsule. This capsule has had the air pumped out of it. When the air pressure rises, the sides of the capsule are compressed. The capsule is
Answer There are a couple of types. By far the most common is the aneroid barometer. The heart of an aneroid barometer is a sealed can. As the surrounding pressure rises and falls
It uses mercury, which reacts to air pressure just as it reacts to temp. in a thermometer,
1 Listen to a local weather forecast to find the current barometer pressure for your location. Make sure the reading is correct for your location. Even a few miles can affect a barometer
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How Barometers Work
Barometers are instruments used to measure atmospheric pressure. Atmospheric pressure, which is the weight of the air in the atmosphere, is used to predict weather patterns. Weather patterns are accompanied by bands of high and low atmospheric pressure,... More »
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A barometer works by measuring the rise and fall of the air and/or the atmospheric pressure. Once you have properly adjusted a barometer for the proper normal atmospheric pressure in your area, you can use it to calculate weather changes at home, as good as any weatherman you see on television. You can find more information here:
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