How does a barometer work?


Barometers show what the pressure of the air is. They are a long tube that sits in a pool of mercury. The levels of the mercury in the tube adjust based on the air pressure.
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Electrical charges read the air pressure multiple times to give a more accurate reading than traditional barometers. Older barometers use either rising mercury or empty, sealed metal
1. Test the barometer to be sure it is broken. If it is sticking, lightly tap the glass and be sure to read the barometer as if at sea level to ensure an accurate measurement. Barometers
To be effective, the aneroid barometer needs to be made of a flexible metal of
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How Barometers Work
Barometers are instruments used to measure atmospheric pressure. Atmospheric pressure, which is the weight of the air in the atmosphere, is used to predict weather patterns. Weather patterns are accompanied by bands of high and low atmospheric pressure,... More »
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A barometer works by measuring the rise and fall of the air and/or the atmospheric pressure. Once you have properly adjusted a barometer for the proper normal atmospheric pressure in your area, you can use it to calculate weather changes at home, as good as any weatherman you see on television. You can find more information here:
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A water-based barometer is a sealed glass container filled half-way with water. The container has a spout connected to it below the water line. The spout extends ...
Mercury barometers work by measuring air pressure. They are constructed using a long glass tube, with a small reservoir at the bottom full of mercury. When the ...
A weather station has a thermometer, barometer, anemometer, and hygrometer built in it in order to monitor weather conditions. They read both indoor and outdoor ...
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