How a Person Is Cremated?


During cremation, a body is checked to make sure that it doesn’t have harmful substances to the oven. It is then placed in a box preferably wood or cardboard which is then placed in the oven where the body is incinerated. The bone matter that remains is pulverised by a cremulator.
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Heny Laurens. Henry Laurens became the first person to be formally cremated in the U.S. in 1792. The statesman from Charleston, South Carolina had left instructions to that effect
1. Determine where the person died. Begin at a general site like Death Indexes ( or Death ( which compile information
The Bible views cremation as a form of humiliation reserved for
Some people choose to hold a wake/showing before they have a person cremated.After wards... Your body is stripped of all clothing and jewelry(naked) and put on a special slab that
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It is more expensive to have a body embalmed and buried than it does to cremate one. Cremation costs are much lower than the traditional burial of a body. ...
To describe the cremation process, you need to be blunt and clinical but not insincere. A person is placed on a slab and is inserted into an incinerator ...
The white powder in an urn after a person has been cremated, is likely to be part of the ashes. When a person is cremated, their body is turned into ashes. ...
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