How a Volcano Erupts?


Thanks to the people that monitor volcano eruptions this way people are warned and they can evacuate but sometimes it happens when an inactive volcano erupts and everyone is caught by surprise. You can find more information here:
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The volcano science project is a classic that has been recreated each generation. The student typically builds a papier mâché model of a volcanic mountain. The student
Very broad question! Basically when a plate gets subducted under another the rock turns to molten rock and consequently becomes less dense. As the material is less dense it rises
when to plate move away from each other a volcano forms. that causes a volcano to change wich changes land and continets and volcanos when a plate changes a volcanoe forms. wich volcanos
Volcanic activity in the Aloha State is reserved for the Big Island, since the volcanoes on the other islands are all considered extinct, or "dead. There are five volcanoes on
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How to Make a Volcano Erupt
A volcano model made of dough or clay that erupts with a mixture of vinegar and baking soda is a entertaining and educational science activity for kids. Even preschool-age children love to watch the erupting "lava" bubbling out of the volcano's top. The... More »
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Volcano erupts when pressure on the magma chamber causes the magma to raise and come out. A volcano is an opening in the planet's crest, which allows the molten rock called magma to come out. Earth is made of tectonic plates and these plates fit together in a complex jig-saw manner. Due to movements of earth these plates crash each other and create pressure on magma. When the pressure exceeds a limit and the magma erupts from the vent created from the tectonic plate's crash.
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A volcano erupts when the Earth's tectonic plates begin to shift and force molten lava up into the mouth of the volcano. These plates can remain dormant for millions ...
A volcano erupts through the build-up and release of pressure, whether that pressure is of its underlying magma, water or both. This release can be explosive, ...
When pressurized molten rock combines with heated gases, volcanoes erupt. The magma being less dense than the solid rock surrounding it produces eruption. You ...
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