How Air Pressure Works?


Air particles push each other and exerts a force when it is trapped in a container is called 'air pressure'. When a blown balloon is let mouth open, the balloon is propelled front is one of the many examples to understand the air pressure.
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Atmospheric pressure is the force that air in the earth's atmosphere exerts per unit area on the surface of water. This measurement varies depending on elevation and other external
Air has weight. You want proof? weigh a balloon, then blow it up and weigh it. Difference? Yes. Anyway all things have gravity. The larger the thing, the more gravity it has. The
1 Make sure the tires are "cold" (vehicle hasn't been driven for more than 2km) so the air in the tires isn't expanded from heat . 2 Look in the owners' manual or (on most
1 atmosphere = 14.69595 ponds per square in 1.01325 bars 760 torrs 1013.25 millibars 101.325 kilopascals
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