How are birds able to fly?


Birds are built for flying. They have bones and feathers that make them very light. Most of their bones are hollow and act like air pockets. Birds are mostly feathers and feathers do not weigh much. Birds have strong muscles and wings to help them fly.
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The majority of birds fly 20 to 40 miles per hour, depending on weather conditions. Ducks and geese generally fly in the 40 to 55 miles per hour range. Herons are slow flyers at less
1. Find a common area for birds to congregate. 2. Set the trap on a perch with colorful bait inside. Examples could be apple chunks and orange peels mixed with dandelion pieces. 3
Hummingbirds can fly long distances just like any other bird. It is a
OK, well they can fly because A)they have wings. Now, in order for a bird to fly its wing span must reach full growth and then they can proceed with the flying session. Each bird
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Birds are able to fly because of the way their body have adapted to their requirements. Each bird species has a different shape of feathers in order to allow their body types to fly.
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