How are business cards made?


Business cards are first designed on a computer design program. Next, they are printed on a thick card stock. The business cards are then cut out of this card stock into individual cards.
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Magnetic Promotional Tool Magnetic business cards, sometimes referred to as advertising magnets, allow a business to stretch its advertising dollar much further. Magnets, of course,
Avoid flimsy paper. A business card printed on flimsy paper is like getting a flimsy handshake. Yuck. Do not overshadow important business contact information with a sales pitch or
1. Decide whether you will design your cards by hand or with a desktop publishing program. Crafters might create hand-crafted cards designed with fabric, paper scraps, lace or other
1. Start brainstorming with a pencil and paper and sketch out an idea. Involving a graphic artist after you have a basic concept is a good idea, since they have the computer programs
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How to Get Business Cards Made
This article provides information for how to create your own business cards with Microsoft Word. Also included is information on how to order pre-made business cards online.... More »
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