How Are Cells Organized?


The first level of cell organization are the cells themselves. Cells gather near similar cells. The similar cells join to form tissues (the 2nd level of organization). Organs (made of tissues) are the 3rd level and the 4th level is organ systems. The fifth level is an organism as a whole. You can find more information here:
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In the human body, there are many types of cells. Each cell is specialized to perform a specific function. Even blood cells are considered to make up connective tissue. Groups of
i'm pretty sure it's collar cells, but i might be wrong.
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Each gram of soil contains app. 40 million bacteria. If we are talking about water, typically millions of bacterial cells can be found in a millilitre of fresh water. All in all,
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Single celled organisms are those made up of only one cell. They are also known as unicellular organisms. Examples of single celled organisms include amoebas, ...
A single-celled organism also known as a unicellular organism is one that consists of only one cell. These organisms carry out all life processes for survival, ...
A single cell organism is called a microorganism. A microorganism is neither an animal or plant. Some examples of microorganisms are protozoa and bacteria. These ...
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