How Are Computers Used in Hospitals?


Computers are used in hospitals the same way they are used in any other type of business. They also work to make medical professionals more efficient and productive. Computers monitor patient's vital signs during surgery, they assist in administering various tests like EKG, EEG, X-Ray, Sonograms, Ultrasound, MRI, and track medicinal distribution and scheduling. For administrative purposes, medical charts and notes are now on computers instead of hand written. Billing, scheduling and intake and outtake of patients are done through computers today.
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They are used for doctors orders, charting notes, documenting vital signs ect.
Computers are used today for a variety of reasons. People use computers for typing documents, listening to music, playing games and most people use them for working.
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1. Assign a number to the patient when the patient enters the hospital. 2. Add the number to the database along with the patient's information including her name, address, date of
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