How Are Earthquake Proof Buildings Made?


Earthquake proof buildings are made by creating enough reinforcement for the building to stand the maximum possible sideway motions for the house occupants to get out to safety before it succumbs. This is achieved by reinforcing the building materials which include both the bricks and blocks. The building foundation of tall buildings does not sit directly on the ground. That protects the building from earthquake shocks.
Q&A Related to "How Are Earthquake Proof Buildings Made?"
1. Design your building. Draw it on paper before beginning the model. Design the building in any way you desire, but symmetrical buildings are more efficient resisting the forces
with taller buildings, the frame is not built rigid allowing it to sway with the motion of the quake.
Architects usually use gigantic pendulums (Tuned mass dampers) to stabilize a building. Say for example Taipei 101 located in Taiwan. The 'Tuned Mass Damper' located in the centre
So good is the wall’s design, and the expertise of the craftsmen
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