How Are Echoes Created?


Echos are sound waves that bounce off of objects and return back to you. The intensity of the echo will depend on how far the objects are from you and if those same sound waves have enough energy to make it back to your ear before dissipating.
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An echo is produced when sound waves bounce off of another surface. We usually do not hear echos in a furnished room because the sound waves are diffused by the furniture and carpet
echo is the second sound produced after reflection of sound waves on a rigid object.echo is produced only if the distance between the object producing the sound and the reflecting
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It was speculated that a ducks quack does not echo, however some
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A reflection of sound, arriving at the listener some time after the direct sound is what creates echo. They are produced by the bottom of a well, by a building ...
Please find below the link to the USER/ADMIN GUIDE which explains in detail the workin of Acronis Echo ...
An echo occurs when a sound wave bounces off of a solid object. While echoes are fun, they can also be used for practical purposes, such as creating images of ...
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