How Are Elements Named?


The elements name is usually something that describes the element. Most element names are Greek or Latin in origin. Some man made elements are named based on where they were made. You can find more information here:
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Elements are named in many different ways. They are named in a variety of languages. Many are named after their Latin or Greek names, but some are named based on their colors or even
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Elements are named after a number of different things, from the discoverer of the element, a concept, a place, a country, or idea. Elements can have different names in different countries.
There are several origins as to how elements are named. Some elements are named based from Latin roots, while some are named as to how the particular element was found or discovered. Some elements are even named after places or after famous scientists.
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Ten of the periodic elements were named after places. The element Americium (symbol AM), was named after America. Francium was named for France, as was Gallium ...
There are two elements named after continents. They are both named after the continent they were discovered on. The first is Europium, and its name comes from ...
The four elements named after planets are, Plutonium, Tellurium, Uranium and Neptunium. However, Mercury was named after the Roman god which was related to what ...
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