How are fish born?


Fish are born two different ways depending on the type of fish. Some fish actually have live babies. There are not too many of these types of fish. The other way is that the babies are hatched from eggs. The majority of fish are born this way.
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Most fish are born from eggs, others are born live. Fish have been on the earth for more than 450
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Fish give birth in two different ways. Some will lay eggs and some will bear their young live, developing them in a womb for a period of pregnancy in much the same way mammals do. Eggs will be hidden carefully when laid by the egg-laying mother fish, to develop separately from the parents and eventually hatch into a different immediate environment which may be more or less vulnerable. They then more or less have to fend for themselves, though those that survive may form groups or join other groups of the same kind of fish.Live-bearing mother fish will give birth in the same environment in which they live, possibly with an entire school of unrelated fish that may or may not view the newborns as a convenient snack. Some mothers may even eat their own young, the very moment after they are born. Beyond this initial risk, however, those that are not eaten are virtually guaranteed safety, as they are surrounded by larger, older fish that will protect them from predators.
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