How are fractions used in everyday life?


In everyday life, fractions are used when people tell the time, cook, shop, pay bills and split things up. Fractions are required any time someone needs to work with the parts of something.

When telling time, people have to decide how much of the clock the minute hand has covered. For example, if the minute hand has covered a quarter of the clock, it equates to 15 minutes.

Cooking requires that people know how to split ingredients to fit the recipe. For example, if someone wants to halve a recipe, he needs to convert the existing amounts using fractions. If two eggs are called for in the original recipe, half of this is a single egg. A recipe that calls for a cup of milk requires a half a cup of milk when halved.

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You use fractions when you cook, shop,etc.It is hard to avoid using fractions especially when you are doing the things above. I do not understand how people think you never will use
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