How Are Geodes Formed?


Geodes are formed when layers of rock have empty cavities. Fluids that can contain a variety of dissolved minerals eventually make their way into the cavities, and the crystals of the geodes grow within that confined space. You can find more information here:
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Geodes are spheroid-shaped, hollow rocks that have an inner lining of small crystals projecting inward. Geodes are natural phenomena formed out of millions of years of geological
We don't know but we have a theory for two types. Partly hollow balls filled mostly with
Unknown, but one theory is appx 240m years. There is much that is still not understood about the mysterious geode.
1 Shape Look for round or oval shaped rocks. Sharp, pointy rocks are not likely to yield a geode no matter how often you hammer at them. Ad 2 Bumps Look for a lumpy surface, that
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How Are Geodes Formed?
Geodes, which take thousands of years to form, begin with the formation of a cavity. This cavity can be the inside of a shell that is stuck in sediment. The shell will fill with a concentration of salt. The shell can either turn into a fossil or be... More »
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Different types of geodes are formed in different ways. For instance, a volcanic geode is formed by cooling lava while a sedimentary geode is formed in an underwater process where sediments attach themselves to tiny animals. You can find more information here:
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