How Are Granite and Rhyolite Different?


There very much is a difference between Granite and Rhyolite. The difference between the two is Granite is an intrusive rock while Rhyolite is an extrusive rock.
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Granite is an intrusive rock while rhyolite is an extrusive rock. ** Intrusive rocks are rocks that are formed BELOW the earth's surface. Extrusive rocks are rocks that are formed
They are both the same except rhyolite is a is an igneous,
The main difference between granite and rhyolite is grain size. The size of interlocking crystals in granite is much larger than those in rhyolite. Rhyolite is often volcanic, while
Sellers with limited knowledge of stones sometimes invent names of granite grades to promote their products. International standards of granite grades discourage unscrupulous sellers
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