How Are Hairline Fractures of the Finger Treated?


Most hairline fractures of the finger are treated by applying a splint to the finger. Your doctor will take x-rays to be sure that the fracture in your finger is just a hairline fracture. Then they will apply a splint made out of foam and aluminum. They also may tape the adjacent finger to the fractured finger to act as a splint. It usually takes about 4-6 weeks for a fracture to heal.
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A pelvic hairline fracture, sometimes referred to as a stress fracture, is a tiny break in an area of the pelvic bone caused by overuse, repetative motion or high impact exercise.
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Cast or splint: Your child may need a cast or splint to prevent movement and protect his finger so it can heal. Medicine: Ibuprofen or acetaminophen: These medicines are given to
1. Realize that the toes (metatarsals) and where they insert into the foot account for about 35 percent of all foot fractures. This is the most common area, but you should also look
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