How Are Hairline Fractures of the Finger Treated?


Most hairline fractures of the finger are treated by applying a splint to the finger. Your doctor will take x-rays to be sure that the fracture in your finger is just a hairline fracture. Then they will apply a splint made out of foam and aluminum. They also may tape the adjacent finger to the fractured finger to act as a splint. It usually takes about 4-6 weeks for a fracture to heal.
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Cast or splint: You may need a cast or splint to prevent movement and protect your finger so it can heal. Medicine: NSAIDs: These medicines decrease swelling, pain, and fever. You
I had a hairline fracture on my little finger, the swelling started to go after about 2-3 weeks and the numbness was slightly longer at about 3-4 weeks, although complete finger movement
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