How Are Hurricanes Predicted?


Scientists tend to look at climate factors and water temperatures when predicting hurricanes. Hurricanes, when forming, can be seen on radar. Over the past few decades hurricane prediction has become more accurate due to increasing technology.
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they are very predictable but their effects are not.
Looking at the temps of the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico, the wind shear
Hurricane Wilma devastated the Yucatan Peninsula in the 2005 Hurricane Season causing 63 deaths in total, 8 deaths were reported in Mexico. I want to make a large story small so I'm
Hurricanes, also known as tropical cyclones, form over warm, oceanic water. Without the aid of warm winds and water, they could not exist. When warm air rises from the ocean's surface
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How To Predict Hurricanes
Predicting hurricanes can save lives, learn tips and techniques you can use to predict the weather in this free video.... More »
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