How Are Inhalants Made?


Inhalants are made from highly toxic substances that produce chemical vapors. They can cause damaging effects and even death. There are three main types of inhalants which include solvents, gases and nitrates. A lot of normal household products can be used as Inhalants.
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There are far too many types of inhalants to answer this question in an intelligent manner. Some are solid, like glue and others are available in aerosol form.
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1. Look on your inhaler's package to determine if it is a metered dose inhaler or MDI. This is a small rectangular inhaler that uses a chemical to push the medicine through the device
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Inhalants are made in a variety of different ways. Inhalants that are sold to the general public are made in a factory. Inhalants that are made for prescription use are made in a laboratory.
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