How are natural waterfalls made?


Natural waterfalls are made by the natural erosion of the soil around creeks; as the soil erodes it leaves the rocks for the water to cascade down.
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1. Locate the area for the waterfall and dig a trench to reroute the stream around the area. This will give you a dry place to work. 2. Dig into the soil where the waterfall is meant
they are made bi things they are made faults that are made by ice ages which then let water flow down them.
1 Determine the Path of the Water Feature. When mapping out the path of your water feature, consider bends in the stream and waterfall drops. A natural looking stream channel should
The majority of waterfalls are formed by melting glaciers. Thanks for using ChaCha.
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Natural waterfalls are beautiful and very unique. They are usually made by a natural process. Over centuries the land below the water source begin an erosive process that causes the layers and rocks to make different formation. Some of the layers will fluff off into the water source which will create the different peaks and levels that you see with waterfalls cascade from. Depending on the volume and flow of the water, will determine how fast this process takes. They are a breathtaking beautiful site! You can find out more information here:
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