How Are Ocean Ridges Formed?


Ridges within the ocean floor are caused by a number of underwater activities. These include movement and shifting of tectonic plates, gushes of magma due to the pressure underneath (the magma cools beneath the ocean forming ridges), symmetrical rock formation and from the deep sea trenches that form as a result of the shift of the continental plates.
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Ocean current paths of travel, underwater volcanoes, tectonic plate movement, depends which specific ridges you are talking about.
Simply speaking mid ocean ridges were formed when magma wells erupted at places
Mid ocean ridges are formed by upward moving convection currents in the mantle. This upward motion causes the uplift of the crust we observe as the ridge. When the convection current
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The Ocean ridge was formed through the process of tectonic plate movement which forces lava through the created cracks and when the lava cooled it forms the ridge. Ocean ridges are formed from the uplift of newly formed oceanic crust by rising magma.
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