How Are Oxygen and Carbon Cycled between Plants and Animals?


Oxygen and carbon are needed for plants and animals to survive. Plants absorb carbon and process it to make energy. Through this process the plant releases oxygen. Animals then breathe in oxygen and release carbon. The two elements are cycled between plants and animals continuously wit this process.
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It's just like humans. We breath out CO2(Carbon Dioxide) and breath in oxygen. Plants and animals help us by storing the CO2 in their stem or legs so we are kept healthy and don't
Animals use oxygen for cellular respiration. Plants release oxygen during photosynthesis but use it during cellular respiration. However, they make more than they use, allowing animals
Plants pull carbon dioxide from the air
Usually through the metabolic processes. The animal ingests and digests foods and the reduces everything to glucose (C6H12O6) The metabolic process reduces glucose to water and CO2
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