How Are Poppy Seeds Dispersed?


Poppy seeds are dispersed by the wind. As the petals die and expose the seeds, they are lifted by the wind. Poppy seeds have small wings on them so they are lifted quite a long way which makes it easier for the wind to disperse them.
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By the wind
When touched, mature impatiens seed pods explode, sending tiny seeds far from the parent plant, where they can germinate or be spread farther by animals passing through the area or
1. Choose a poppy variety. There are many different poppy varieties - some native to the United States, others native to regions across the world. While all poppies have colorful,
the worms move them and the ants take them.
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Seeds are dispersed in four different ways. Some stick to an animal and others are carried by wind or water. The most interesting way is when a dried seed pod ...
Poppy seeds are poisonous to dogs. All parts of the poppy plant contain opoids, and even the poppy seeds on rolls and bagels meant for human consumption are poisonous ...
The four ways in which plants disperse their seeds are through wind, water, animal and explosion. Recent research points out that human dispersers differ from ...
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