How Are Reptile Eggs Different from Amphibian Eggs?


Reptile eggs which are laid on land have hard and leathery shells whereas amphibian eggs are soft and have gel surrounding them. Reptiles are animals such as monitor lizard that live mostly on land while amphibians live in water.
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Amphibian eggs and Fish eggs are usually found with a layer of a jelly like substance coating the egg. Reptile eggs are found with an egg that is protected with a shell.
Amphibians eggs like the frog have a soft opaque spawn which you can see tadpoles.and some reptiles like snakes have a leathery texture shell that you cant see through.
Reptile eggs are harder and more oblong in shaped. Amphibian eggs are
Reptiles and amphibians do share a number of physical and behavioral traits that may account for their common misclassification. Being cold-blooded animals, reptiles and amphibians
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Amphibians do lay eggs. Their eggs do not have a tough protective shell like the bird or reptile eggs. Frogs along with toads lay eggs in jelly like heaps, and ...
Alligator is not an amphibian, it is a reptile. Reptiles are marked by laying eggs, scaly bodies and spend most of their time in water. ...
Most amphibians are carnivorous. They eat other animals, insects, worms, snails, and some fish or fish eggs. They will eat mice, lizards and small reptiles. ...
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