How Are Sand Dollars Made?


Sand dollars that you see on the beach are actually the shell of a once living crustacean. Sand dollars bury themselves almost completely on the ocean floor in the sand. They eat small particles that float in the water.
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Sand dollars that people often find washed up on the shore are the skeletons of dead
Sand dollars are marine animals made of firmly united plates lying just beneath the thin skin.
1. Make sure that your sand dollar is not still alive. Inspect the underside of the sand dollar and see if any of its tiny, millipede-like legs are moving autonomously. If the legs
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Sand dollars are dried shells of dead crustaceans. When sand dollars are alive, their shells look fuzzy and brown. Sand dollars are sea creatures that are related to star fish and sea urchins.
The story of the sand dollar describes how they are made. They are actually made from the skeletal remains of ocean animals. The sand dollars are made when the larvae clone themselves.
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