How Are Scientific Theories Developed?


How scientific theories are developed is a multi-step process. The first thing that will need to be done is the development of a hypothesis. A hypothesis is an educated guess that is proposed in regards to trying to determine and outcome. This is the first step in the scientific process. Once the hypothesis has been tested and proved or disproved it is then that a theory can be developed that is based on the hypotheses and the results of the experiments and data collection that was done to find out if it was true.
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Many different experiments are performed and repeated.
An observation is made, a question is asked, a hypothesis is formed, an
Researchers measure distance with laser rangefinders. They can determine distance accurately, as well as find and measure the size and location of objects. Laser beams can trap and
Moving from simple to complex: 1. The foundation of science is the simple, unbiased observation of natural events. 2. Laws/principles DESCRIBE observed consistent patterns of natural
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