How are shadows made?


Shadows are made when an object stands in the path of light. The object has to be opaque or translucent for a shadow to be formed.
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How does one define what they are, without referencing their relationship to light, in the same way that light can be described without mentioning shadows. You can't. It's the definition
a shadow is made when an object is blocking light. but the surronding light completes its journey. in a dark room there is no light so effectively the room is covered in a shadow.
Eye shadow is usually made from a powder and mica, but can also be found in liquid,
Angel farts.
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Eye shadow has been made by many things over time. Ancient Egyptians made their eye shadow out of crushed copper. More modern eye shadow is made out of nylon powder ...
Eye shadow is made from powder and mica. Eye shadow can come in a liquid, pencil or liquid form as well as powder. Eye shadow is used for adding color above the ...
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