How Are Sound Waves Produced?


Sound waves are produced when air pressure experiences a variation or vibration. Molecules will move when something pushes them, causing them to bump into each other. This causes compression and rarefaction. These waves can move through various liquids and solids. You can find more information here:
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Sound waves are produced due to the vibrations of an object .
When someone plays the piano, those notes or hits on the piano strings cause sound waves. These disturbances in air pressure can travel outward as vibrations. Only when the vibrations
Sound waves are basically vibrations in the atmosphere, generated by a voice or any
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They produce an energy in a particular area. They work the same as all waves work by creating the energy that moves in a relative space. ...
Radio waves are made from an emission of the radiation from an object. The waves are produced when an object emits sounds that is computed on the electromagnetic ...
Sound waves are invisible to the eyes. The only way you can pick up sound waves is trough ears and some sound waves can be felt. Since sound waves are traveling ...
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