How Are Spits Formed?


A spit is the result of the ocean hitting the sand of a beach or shore. It is a accumulation of matter that can include: dirt, dead sea life, and other matter.
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A coastal spit is formed by the waves crashing together to get a coastal spit there needs to be water and salt involed to let the salt stick together and the water becomes salt free
I really can not give you a good answer to this question until I know what it is that you wish to know about. Sorry I can't give a better answer than that.
1 Look for a place where you can spit. Try to avoid spitting on the ground, where people walk. A garbage can is ideal, but grass will do the trick too. 2 Gather the saliva to the
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Water and the refraction of that water causes spits. They will many times form a marshland behind the spit from the interaction ow the waves with the land.
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