How Are Spits Formed?


A spit is the result of the ocean hitting the sand of a beach or shore. It is a accumulation of matter that can include: dirt, dead sea life, and other matter.
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Spit is produced by salivary glands in your mouth. Saliva is a clear substance made mostly of water. These glands are inside your cheeks and on the bottom of the mouth. You secrete
A coastal spit is formed by the waves crashing together to get a coastal spit there needs to be water and salt involed to let the salt stick together and the water becomes salt free
1. Take stock of your surroundings. This is key for several reasons. You could offend people around you, or you may unintentionally hit someone with your flying ball of saliva. Once
1. Look for a place where you can spit. Try to avoid spitting on the ground, where people walk. A garbage can is ideal, but grass will do the trick too. 2. Gather the saliva to the
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Water and the refraction of that water causes spits. They will many times form a marshland behind the spit from the interaction ow the waves with the land.
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Sand spits form after sudden changes in the shape of a coastline. This causes longshore drifts that deposit sediment in the direction of the drift, rather than ...
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