How Are String Instruments Made?


String instruments are made from string materials such as cotton wool or very thin wires. This strings are stretched and tied at both sides of a supporting frame which way take the shape of a violin or a guitar. The tightness of the strings vary the sounds produced by the instrument hence you should always leave an allowance to either tighten or loosen the strings.
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The stick of a stringed instrument bow is typically made of wood. The type of wood used most often is pernambuco wood. Sticks can also be made of carbon fiber or fiberglass. Ebony
String instruments work by vibration. The string vibrates over a hollowed out portion of the instrument making the music. Depending on the width and tightness of the string the notes
The first type of string instrument was a simple musical bow.
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Not all wood can be used to make string instruments. The type of wood used is naturally ideal for creating beautiful sounds. For example in violin-making, a particular ...
To be honest I don't know what a 'mountain dulcimer' is but what I do know is curly maple is gunna sound real bright, I don't think you're gunna get as much resonance ...
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